About us?

With the activity of Barcelona and the sea in 1987, it began for the components of VIROT NATURA what was then something as unknown as Environmental Education. During all these years, trips around the world, outings, conferences and activities related to Natural Sciences and working with schools, universities, scientific institutions, social centers, and the general public, have made VIROT NATURA a team with a great experience both at the level of knowledge and at the educational level. We invite you to enjoy our material, our explanations and in general our activities.

Our name VIROT, refers to a bird endemic to the Mediterranean, where only nesting sites are known worldwide in the Balearic Islands. Its scientific name is Puffinus mauretanicus, and common name, in Spanish Pardela, in Catalan Baldriga Balear, in English Balear Shearwater, and in Mallorquin Virot, concretely Virot petit.

Pardela balear. Puffinuss mauretanicus. Virot Natura.

Its current status at the population level is quite unknown, but the last census a few years ago gave a population of about 3,000 nesting pairs, which is why it is considered by all organisms as endangered.

Our name is born of this unique bird, in the hope of being able to help its conservation.

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Pardela balear, 2001